What’s the Importance of Home Inspections before Buying?

admin 10/02/2017

A home inspection is an all-inclusive assessment of a home’s condition and the process is carried out several times, though not always at the time of sale. Investing in a property, being one of the really expensive and important investments that one makes, it’s very crucial to check the allover condition of the home so that the buyer doesn’t end up purchasing a home that needs major repairs. It may be your work to find your dream home, but the inspection part is best performed by a professional home inspector.

Two important objectives are accomplished by a home inspection. The first is that it offers an opportunity to decide the condition of a house, the condition of the mechanical systems in the house and the building’s structural soundness. Secondly, if there are any problems in the home, they are brought to the notice of the buyer at a time when things can be resolved with the seller before closing the deal.

If you are still wondering if it’s really that important to get the home you are planning to buy inspected, here’s more to shed light on this aspect and help you understand what these people really do during the process and how it can help you take a call on buying the house. A professional home inspector will inspect specific elements of the home you are planning to buy and then generate a report based on his findings.

Besides conducting an inspection of the home’s general condition, the inspector will also check features like plumbing, electrical wiring, insulation, roofing, Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and the home’s structural features. If the house has a problem at all, which may not be visible to the buyer’s eyes, it’s more likely to be disclosed during the inspection process. As a buyer who is to make a huge investment, it’s crucial to understand what exactly you are buying. A normal inspection may stretch from two hours to three hours and it’s necessary that you are also present at the time of inspection so that you can get a direct explanation of the findings.

Once the inspection is done, the report generated by the inspector will not only highlight the areas of concern or defects, but also the structure’s positive aspects. A good inspector will also tell about the kind of maintenance that would be required regularly to keep the house in proper shape, which in turn can be of great assistance for first-time home buyers. The suggestions can give them a crash course in maintaining homes in addition to giving a checklist of things that call for the owner’s attention to make the home a sound and safe place to live in.

Based on the generated report, you can decide what’s to be done. If there are very significant problems that are very costly to fix, you might as well opt to walk out from the deal. Alternatively, if the seller is ready to decrease the purchase price or fix the problems, you may consider the deal. A proper home inspection will help a purchaser in understanding accurately what they are about to buy. Getting a licensed inspector do the inspection of the property is comparable to availing an insurance policy as a safety measure against possible running costs.

The fact that home inspection will cost quite a considerable amount of money and time cannot be denied, but you’ll relieved to have done it in the long run. Ensure to hire a licensed home inspector with good experience and reputation in the market; it’s also a good idea to get referrals from friends who have hired them earlier. Don’t ignore this crucial inspection process, which is also a great negotiation tool in finalizing a deal, in the process of buying a home – it is certainly well worth every penny!

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