6 Things to Do before Putting up the ‘For Sale’ Board in Front of Your Home

admin 05/03/2017

Are you planning to put up the ‘For Sale’ board in front of your house? Do you want to sell it off at the earliest for the best possible deal? Here’s a checklist of few very important things to do before that so that your home appears more appealing to buyers.

Price It Right

Don’t commit the mistake of pricing your house very high as potential buyers wouldn’t even consider offering for it, particularly in the first month. And if your home happens to be for sale for a longer time in the market, it will turn out to be less desirable to buyers. So, price your home right!

Study the Neighborhood

It’s important to study the neighborhood and get to know what’s selling. Are you having a single family home in an area that’s surrounded by bungalows? That means you will have to make it up for it with the other features of your home. For instance, a roomy den that could also be used as a bedroom! Get to know what’s selling best and what’s not in your immediate neighborhood.

Fix a Realistic Budget

If you wish to update your home a little before putting it up for sale, remember not to under-improve or over-improve it for your neighborhood. If you happen to reside in a locality that has lots of first-time buyers in a specific price range, costly renovations may not help you stay within the price bracket of buyers. Make your home appear good without overextending yourself. Similarly, if you reside in a posh neighborhood, don’t try to do away with a cheap upgrade.


It may not seem trivial to you if the gutter out falls off the house as they are filled with leaves, but this is important for the buyer. Don’t ignore maintaining the visible parts of your house as it may give raise to suspicions about more such unseen sights. So, ensure to clean up the gutters, weed the gardens and perform the maintenance of any other such odd job that you had been delaying earlier. Take time to examine the roof for leaks or loose shingles, repair leaky faucets, fix the jamming doors or windows and other such things as all these matter a lot to the potential buyer.

Give Your Home a Sparkling Clean-Up

It should be in your best interest to show off your house in the best possible way. Spend some time to clear the cobwebs, wash out the windows and dust the light fixtures and ceiling fans. Paint up the walls that show any wear and tear. Air out the house so that the smell is good and not musty! Organize the entire house in a neat manner so that it appeals to buyers.

Don’t Clutter the House

Last but not the least, it’s important to exhibit a house that looks uncluttered as this can instill a feel of spaciousness. If you find any items around the house that have not been used for more than a year, plan to donate or sell it or start packing them up in preparation for moving out. For instance, clear books from book racks and clear up the small appliances on the kitchen counter that you may not be using till the time you move out.

With this checklist, you can bring about a big difference in the future sale of your home and you can also shift soon to your next home, irrespective of whether you are moving to a bigger space or downsizing.

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